Monday, April 11, 2011

My Neighborhood ...


            The neighborhood is very vital and unique. They are very amazing people in my life. I'm living with my family on Neckel Street. That's a very wonderful street. There are a lot of trees and a wide street. When the winter comes, the neighborhood is very quiet place. There are a lot of people who live there between Arabic people or American people where the place is a very contemporary. I live in Dearborn. I like it because there are a lot of people. How can I understand them if  I want help from them. My house is very close to all stores as some people drive a little minute to buy what they want like, to get some vegetables or food for their families. There are a lot of houses in this neighborhood. Actually, I can't count it, like how many houses on this neighborhood?
                  But, always, I have question in my mind. Why do some people not like this neighborhood?  Maybe because some people are very haughty in this life, so they like to live for example in Dearborn Heights or other places.
In fact, the last time I lived on another street with my family. It was more beautiful than this street, but I didn't feel good because we had an evil neighbor. She was very bad and cruel woman in this life because she was very strange in her beavers. For instance, when I parked my car on the driveway, she was very annoying. Indeed, we are going to live another street is very good kind than this street for people live there with a lot of emotions and they have good hearts and are not selfish with anybody. But my neighborhood is full of people and there are also a lot of cars. This means that is too busy. But I think that information is to get well to all people because it's similar in my country. Always, I smell the flowers , I hear the singing  birds , and I see a lot of trees like as my country  Syria . Also, I’m very comfortable here better than the old street. When the summer comes, I go to the park with my family and my neighbors to enjoy it with them. So, the winter time is very depressing because I don't see anybody from my neighbors and I don't enjoy it  with them or I can't do some activities with my friends .
                My neighborhood is too different from my home country. First, in America I live in a wide street and there are parking for cars; however, in my home country the street was so crowded. Actually, there is no social interaction between my neighbors in America. On the hand, in Syria we lived in a community that everyone shared with other their social life.

                Finally, in both places, there are advantages and disadvantages. Otherwise, I have a lot of beautiful memorizes for each of these two places.  

Monday, April 4, 2011

Injustice In This Life ...


Some people get injustice from the close people to them, like their friends or relatives that mean it will be very hard to them
if they get injustice from the close people. to begin with, Sarah comes to America with her family . She’s honest with everyone because she has a kind heart in this life. She’s pretty awesome with her friends and her relatives, but Sarah
dose not know how to behave with people because she’s very wonderful woman. After that, she has an evil woman in her life this is her cousin. She has a cruel heart in life, and she’s very ugly. Actually, her cousin steals Sarah’s money
without the knowledge of Sarah because Sarah trusts her cousin as well. In fact, her cousin is more jealous than Sarah because Sarah is the more kindness and politeness with her relatives, but her cousin is very greedy woman. On the hand,
her cousin talks with the police to tell them some bad ideas about Sarah, for example, she says to them “Sarah stole my money please help me help me “. That means she wants to come faster to the police office before Sarah gets there including get some evidence to them. Sarah was in turmoil about what happened to her, and she surprised very much. Indeed, she was living a bad life.  As a result, Sarah gets in prison unjustly
that mean she’s not lucky in life, and her cousin gets happier than Sarah. Finally, a lot of people may be injustice from the close people, like friends or relatives.
In my opinion, all the oppressed people should have more patience about what will happen to them in a strange life .

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Monday, March 28, 2011

A virtuous Girl ....

                                                         A virtuous Girl ….

My cousin “Ahmed “wants to marry a virtuous girl who is possesses an irresistible charm in this life. He feels a lot of passion to her, but she is encircling by thinking about her.  He likes always to surprise her by writing a nice rhapsody to her or brings a nice present. She is always unsurpassed in beauty for him, but he is rapturous delight for the wonderful life with her forever.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

In Theme ... spelling words ..

Romance is a beautiful thing in this life because we need to feel it in mind.  The assignment of love is to be honest without fear than one. When we fall in love, we see a strong passion in our hearts that mean its privilege to our hearts if we love. Everybody has a good kind of a fancy in mind. People who has a mysterious mood in this life, we are more confusing about this mood, and even some people cry wails more harshly if something bad happens to them. After that, we have emanated that some of the ideas for the development of love in this life.

My daily in the morning ,,,


When I get up in the morning , I do a lot of activities . First , I say Good morning to my mother and my dad . Then , I do a little bit of milk , and I drink it with my family .  After that, I look at my computer if  I get some messages from my fiance  and I do chat with my friends in my facebook  . Next , I take my brother and my father to them jobs  . Soon , I should do more practice about studying English well if I can . Before I go to the gym , I think about doing my homework , but I don’t . Moments later , I do  a lot of  thing  like , cleaning  home, or doing laundry  . Finally , I go to the gym with my mom , and we do a lot of exercises to lose my weight forever .

Monday, March 21, 2011

God will be with you ,,,

I am very happy to return to my love again.
 I'm amazing what happens to us.
 And you will get every day some of the problems in this life.
 All my problems to be very small when it comes to life, and it will become very large.
  Always, I'm thinking of everything in my life, even if I have some problems with my love.
  Life is very strange, incredible pleasure, and very large because it contains a lot of discussions about what happens to us even though it is very bad solutions.

  I got some errors with my love, got some problems with my love in this life because he is always  busy, and too far away from me. he Leaves me alone without any knowledge of what will happen to us in this life, but God is with us always. We must pray for God at this time because God loves us so
much, and God helps people to people so poor or rich. We love God so much.

God will be with you
 God will be  with you
 And God help you forever
 God, I love you forever
 And God stay with you forever